Great Product Descriptions

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Every web-browsing human being reads a product description, almost every day. Most product descriptions are eye-bleeding horrors of lousy copy and unclear information. That means some of the most-read digital content is some of the worst.

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Apr 14, 2019  · Product descriptions can make or break a sale. Here’s 8 examples of killer product descriptions, and how to write great product descriptions of your own.

How to Write Shopify Product Descriptions that Sell Consequently, finding great companies … Wall street journal: “description 3M Co. 3M Co. is a technology company, which manufactures industrial, safety and consumer products. …

How to write great product copy and Product Descriptions Your copy has the power to convince a total stranger to buy something from your store. From the way your describe your product to the way you use words to drive urgency, your words can move customers into action.


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Apr 08, 2019  · Great product descriptions are the unsung heroes of ecommerce content. At their best, product descriptions persuade without sounding persuasive; they sell without sounding like they’re selling. The most successful copy conveys information in a way that’s enticing and also easily absorbed, with minimal effort from the reader.

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Sometimes you can fix a not-so-great product listing by doing a little troubleshooting … Note the number and quality of …